Case Studies

After the addition was completed on our home, I noticed a number of hot and cold spots throughout the house. The contractor didn’t have a solution and suggested to add yet another new furnace and air conditioner! I was either going to have to bite the bullet or just live with it. A neighbor recommended that I have an energy audit. I called Stumptail and they performed the blower door test along with infared imagining. I couldn’t believe it, the test results proved the amount of air leaks and missing insulation! With proof in hand, the contractor finished the work properly and my house is a home again!Alicia J., Naperville

My home is 80 years old and has had two additions. I thought their might be some areas there that weren’t insulated or sealed properly, because of the comfort issues. Indeed, Stumptail came and performed the door blower test and infrared imagaing test and found the uninsulated wall and many small drafts. What I didn’t realize was that the main reason wasn’t the cold air blowing in; it was the heated air blowing out through that attic door. – Tim S., Downers Grove

An energy audit was a new experience for me and I was not sure what to expect. Kirk who is a certified energy auditor from Sumptail was very informative, he did not talk down to me and answered all my questions. Kirk explained each of the tests he was going to perform and the purpose behind each test. He was on time, professional and easy to talk with. I am glad energy audits are available, because my house is 50 years old, and needed work done to it to improve its energy efficiency. After the tests were performed Kirk explained the report to me and gave me inexpensive ideas on how to correct the problems. Thanks to Stumptail I am now on the way to make those necessary improvements to my home and not spending money and time on unnecessary improvements – Sally N., Plainfield

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